TrackoPlug is a bespoke talent analytics tool designed to leverage the complex layers of data stored within your Talent Management System (TMS), and use them to deliver actionable insights that drive smarter decision-making, produce higher-performing teams, increase talent retention and build a profitable organisation.

Optimise Recruiting & HR process with advance data analytics & reporting

Cultivate a culture of Talent Intelligence in your Human Resource & Recruiting teams

Surge profitability & get insights into the non-performing parts of your department or Agency

Enhance your team's talent engagement abilities from Source to Hire to Retire

How it Works

Select Trackers

Integrate Data Sets

Track, Measure & Publish

Key Features

Plug & Play

TrackoPlug seamlessly integrates with your existing Talent Management System, harvesting relevant data to provide fresh insights, & collecting new data to drive ever-smarter decision-making.

Bespoke Solution

Trackoplug’s highly agile architecture helps you customise it to collect exactly what you need & when you need, matching priorities of your task or team.

Access & Controls

TrackoPlug offers an extra layer of data protection by employing access control, ensuring that no information can be downloaded remotely or moved to external sheets or databases.

Interactive dashboards

Trackoplug enables informed decision-making at a glance with easy-to-use, detailed dashboards displaying insights relevant to your team & your role.

Real-time Updates

Across multiple teams or locations. TrackoPlug automatically syncs every user’s data, ensuring that all data is instantly available and remains accurate across your network.

P&L Tracking

TrackoPlug offers deeper insights into your sales, revenues and order book targets by tracking variables like joining ratio, invoicing time and job closure in any given period

Any Hiring Type

The solution for every recruitment team. Whether you’re hiring in an agency or corporate, for roles in leadership, sales, tech or Non-IT, TrackoPlug offers a solution for your team .

Data Privacy

Complete data privacy while securing controls, so that unauthorised persons will be unable to download or copy data



Leader Board
Employee Turnover
Revenue By Client
Employee Referral
Source Mix
Offer Pipeline
Cost per Hire
Top Clients
Gender Diversity
MOM Joiners
Source Utilisation
Revenue Per Employee


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